palmerwriter (palmerwriter) wrote,

No Dragon*Con This Year

Before you guys get all nuts, I mean no Dragon*Con for me.

The Powers That Be have apparently lumped me in with all the hobbyists and wannabes, and haven't approved my guest status as of yet, and as my wife will be 8 months pregnant by the time the con rolls around, we're bowing out this year to retool, refresh, and add to our familial unit.

I've had a blast running around down there, being on panels, and meeting wonderful guys and gals like Joe Crowe and Shane Ivey of RevolutionSF shame, Van Allen Plexico, Anya Martin and her hubby Phillip Nutman, eugie, hazelrah1, and others (please forgive me if I've left anyone out or forgotten your Livejournal handles), but it's time to work on other aspects of my life for now, namely getting my copywriting business off the ground, so I'll actually have time to work on a possible RPG project, and finally get that novel written, which should get me back in the good graces with D*C's guest committee, and I have no illusions of it doing anything other than maybe pay a few bills once in a while.

At least on the copywriting front, I'm showing some progress. Since March, I've worked on more projects than all of last year combined, and I hope to at least double what I'm making at the day job so I can cut it loose once and for all. Between fielding calls from people who ask, "What do ya'll provide? Power? Is that like the lights and stuff?" and a corporate culture that can only be described as a hybrid of Brazil and Hee-Haw with the promotion procedure of a Klingon bird of prey, not to mention that we are under the same economic and employment conditions that forced me to come here in the first place, I have no choice but to strike out on my own.

But I'll be back at D*C next year spreading the joy. Mark my words.
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