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Dragon*Con and Voices for the Cure News

Well, I've said all I can say about this year's Dragon*Con over at my other blog, so hop over there if you're so inclined.

On the anthology front, a lot has been happening. Thanks to D*Con, I am linking Voices for the Cure up with a small press consortium, for lack of a better term. Now it'll have its own ISBN and be available through bookstores and Amazon. Sweet! More on that, including relevant linkage, when I have it.

And the word is getting out about it. My buddy and contributor Ernest Hogan had this to say:

"I've read through VOICES, and it's a pretty good anthology. Folks who buy it will feel they're getting their money's worth."

AND he said about my contribution to the story...

"B.L.A.N.K.I.E." was a stand-out. I liked the way you used cutting-edge science, put it in an everyday setting, and the way the story went from amusing to chilling. I'll be watching for more fiction from you . . .

And if that wasn't enough, Greg Van Eekhout mentioned it on his blog:

I know nothing about Voices for the Cure, other than that it's a science fiction anthology with contributions from Cory Doctorow and Robert Sawyer and Mike Resnick and that proceeds go to benefit the American Diabetes Association, and as an insulin-dependent diabetic I'm just saying that everyone should buy bushels of these books, cuz there are worse things than diabetes, certainly, but that's not to say diabetes doesn't overall suck with the
killing and debilitating and maiming of lots of people. I'd have happily given them a story if they'd asked, and I'm certainly gonna buy bushels (or at least one electronic edition).

Available in paperback for $9.05 or download for

Bushels, I tell you!

Oh, I wish I had known this! I would have asked him for a story in a second, as he is a terrific writer. Oh well, there's always volume 2...

So, you heard the man. Go!
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