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Well, the ol’ day job just earned the qualifier “from hell” added to the end. Thanks to a shift change, coming in an hour earlier yesterday for some mandatory overtime, and callers who suffer from the delusion that the customer is always right—such as the guy who blamed us for his check bouncing, I’m finding that the only way I’m going to be able to finish up any writing projects that could potentially get me out of this insanity is if I find a way to rev myself up to Planck speed.

So between jury duty last week, and spending what little downtime I have on working on my online marketing venture, and dealing with calls from people who either don’t own calculators or have the brains for cypherin’, I just haven’t had time for anything that can’t at least potentially make me some money, including blogging. This is just a warning for the two or three people who happen upon this blog from time to time that this might be the last post for a while. But I promise I’ll have more news of my adventures helping people with their take aways and goes intas while hatching my own harebrained schemes very soon.

In other news, the job search has been called off. I’ve learned enough about how to really job hunt that it’s just going to be too time-consuming. Nowadays, you not only have to target your resume to each employer you’re contacting, you also have to research said employers to somehow uncover a problem they have that you and you alone can solve. Meanwhile, our director brags about how she’s glad she got her four-year degree, while I wish I could go to my college and demand my money back, while commenting to anyone within earshot how all those DeVry and University of Phoenix commercials have all the credibility of a Nigerian email scam.

Yes, it's been a rough couple of weeks. How did you know?
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