palmerwriter (palmerwriter) wrote,

More Publishing News

Got a little surprise in my email inbox yesterday, a belated reply from The Hub about writing for them. The good news, they want me to write reviews and features for them. The bad news: they are moving to an online format and no longer pay as much. But I'm still going to do it, of course. Should be fun, and I've been wanting to get in this magazine for some time. Go, me!

I'm also embarking on an online infoproduct creative venture with someone else, in hopes that if it doesn't fill my list with copywriting clients, I can at least make a few bucks showing others how to do it, whether they hire me or not. Things are looking pretty sweet in that arena, especially since thoughts of the ol' day job conjures the escape scene from The Shawshank Redemption. I think it's time to tunnel under the yard.

And, if that wasn't enough on my plate, I may be adding "anthology editor" to my admittedly ersatz resume. Stay tuned.
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