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There have been some changes around here. First, my hours at the 'ol day job have shifted yet again to 12 to 9. The good news is that now I finally have Saturdays off. Now I can sleep in two days in a row, spend some quality time with my sweetheart, do projects around the house, get a little writing done, and still be rested enough to face the next week's onslaught of people calling in to say, "Ah cain't raid mah beeul. Whut dew ah owe?" Not to mention coworkers who think that evolution is "just a theory" and George W. Bush can chew through metal.

In other news, I will probably be going to Dragon*Con after all, though just on Saturday. I'm still heading out to Sci-Fi Summer in a couple of months as well. I'm doing a panel on nonfiction writing, which is kind of like letting Jeffrey Dahmer teach a vegetarian cooking class, but we'll see how it goes.

And tomorrow I'm heading into town for a Chamber of Commerce Business and Healthcare Expo, trying to make some contacts for my extant but still nascent and barely solvent copywriting business. I've realized that the day job, while keeping us from living under an overpass, won't help with clearing up all of our debt, and the company is more interested in promoting good old boys with MBAs who know more about cornering raccoons than they are in me and my measley BA in English. So if I ever want to get off the phones, I'm going to have to do it through unusual channels. With extreme prejudice. Wish me luck.
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