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On Writing

Well, thanks to the assemblage of chewing gum and bailing wire that is our server at work having another bout with electronic Alzheimer's, I was able to do something I haven't been able to do at the day job in a while: check out Livejournal! To wit:
sclerotic_rings passed on news from nihilistic_kid's blog about how DNA Publications is being investigated by the Virginia State Police and Paypal for fraud.

Just last week I had received a handwritten "Not for me, thanks" from editor Warren Lapine for an article I submitted last summer. Now I have fond memories of reading Chronicle and a couple of the other magazines, and while I was never able to sell an article to Chronicle I think what Warren was trying to do was a Good Idea, and seemed to be a fairly sound business model, at least in the beginning, and I hope what has happened is due to the problems in the publishing industry and not any wrong doing on DNA's part. Genre short fiction publishing has enough problems as it is, just from the crappy stories and a subscriber base made up solely of wannabe writers trying to figure out what the editor wants so they can sell them their stories.

But Chronicle's apparent demise doesn't bode well for nonfiction genre publishing either, and there's one less market in a field where all the article work is assigned in house to people who already write fiction.

In other, even less rosy (for me, anyway) news, the horror magazine Surreal is apparently dead, so they won't be publishing my interview with Philip Nutman. I sent an email to Darryl Schweitzer at Weird Tales to see if he wanted it, only to get a reply back from George Scithers saying, "Er. Who is Philip Nutman?" And so it goes. I'm still waiting to hear back from Schweitzer, but why does this make me feel like some old guy trying to explain who H.P. Lovecraft or Captain Kangaroo or, heck, anyone of any importance from any field of human endeavor in the past were to a bunch of clueless teenagers for whom what Paris Hilton bought last week passes for actual news?

All of this makes me so glad I'm not relying on any of these markets for even an iota of my income. And while I would much rather be writing full time than taking credit card payments for people too stupid to pull the thing out of their wallets, I couldn't write for genre mags all day without going insane. Thankfully, now I know there are other ways to write full time without starving and putting up with this crap on a daily basis. With that, it's time to work on my next article for The Gwinnett Business Journal, then start back on another article I'm ghosting for a client.

Onward and upward!
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