palmerwriter (palmerwriter) wrote,

Ahh, Vacation

Well, I'm on vacation this week, which for the wife and I means not going to work. We're not doing anything special, but we think sleeping late and sitting around the house all day is pretty wonderful just the same. I've been working on a little marketing for my nascent copywriting business and tinkering with the novel (which apparently means rewriting the first three chapters over and over again), and not thinking at all about work, which I try not to do when I'm there. I'm just waiting on a check from my last client so I can get another ink cartridge in order to print and send samples and lead generation letters, and renew my domain name and hosting.

And the day job isn't too terrible. The acting director actually acknowledged my writing skills the other day by asking me to look over a letter they're sending out to our consumers, so that was nice. (My company has always had a "grammar optional" policy regarding corporate communiques: I've seen emails from our CEO that make Bush's most imbecilic gibberings look like The Gettysburg Address).

Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying a healthy, happy 2007 and haven't flunked out on their resolutions yet.
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