palmerwriter (palmerwriter) wrote,

News from the Front

The job front that is.

Don't you just love taking customer complaint calls, as if you actually had any power over their particular situation? "I'm sorry some aspect of how this company does business annoys you, Mr. Customer, but if I had the authority to change anything, sitting here at 8am on a Saturday to explain our bills to people who can't do basic arithmetic without either removing both shoes or having access to a government Cray would be the first on my list."

And it's always the ones who think a past due notice that reads in part "Your account is past due and is subject to disconnection by such and such date" means "Pay this NOW motherfucker! Or so help us GOD we'll hunt you down and apply a tire iron to your kneecaps, you worthless deadbeat."

Or "Mah baby's daddy's in jail. Cain't I have extrey tahm causa that?"

Yes, it's been that kind of week. Why do you ask?

In other news, it's official: I am a bitch.
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