palmerwriter (palmerwriter) wrote,

The Latest

Well, things have been quite busy around here, writing wise, and otherwise. But here's the skinny:

I've just completed my first post to Blood Blade and Thruster's blog, wherein I make a confession that will make those who know better about such activities question my very sanity. I've also been informed that the mag will go from quarterly to twice yearly, and will move up to a bigger, nicer format. I'm actually relieved at this last, as now I only have to come up with poorly-paying gibberish at the last minute two times a year instead of four, and I have more time to concentrate on other things, like copywriting, business articles, and a day job talking to morons for people who think that George W. Bush is our Lord and Savior.

On the copywriting front, I should soon have some paid contractor work, and I'll be doing a teleseminar which will hopefully bring a flood of clients my way, but I'm not getting my hopes up until the checks start showing up in the mail.
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