palmerwriter (palmerwriter) wrote,

Personal Update

It's been a while, but between vacation and getting back into the swing of things, it's been hard to find the time to post to a journal that hardly anyone reads.

Anywho, after being called out by the supervisor who uses 'no' and 'know' incorrectly for clearing my throat for the sixth time, I finally went to see an allergist. Turns out I'm not allergic to call center work after all, but to every type of grass known to man, as well as cats and dogs. With the cat, that's like the doctor telling me I'm allergic to lima beans, and has put the kibosh on my wife wanting a cat (she'd have a petting zoo in our living room, if they made chainmail slip covers), but the dog thing is a problem, since we own a dog. Therefore, I must take allergy shots, as well as three pills and four shots of Nasonex a day to take care of the sinus infection brought on by all this exposure to the great outdoors.

On Writing

Got a nice rejection note from The Leading Edge. None of that intentionally vague "this does not quite grab me, alas" crap, but some actual, honest-to-God helpful criticism. I feel I've made the requisite changes, which were minor, and am now shopping around for another mag to send it to (the pickings are pretty slim, considering how many of them would reject it for style, genre and word count alone).

I'm also getting serious about copywriting, which is still coming along in fits and starts. I'm finishing up a couple of press releases right now for a client, and I've got another client who still owes me money and has the connections to heavily promote my services, but he's in the hospital with pneumonia. With anything, it's all about the marketing, but I've long come to the conclusion that were I'm concerned, the 80/20 rule is reversed. We'll see how it goes.
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