palmerwriter (palmerwriter) wrote,

Save Apex Digest!

eugie has already put out the word, but I thought I would add my voice to the chorus as well: Apex Digest needs 200 subscriptions by the end of the month or it may go under. I picked up a couple of issues at Dragon*Con, met editor Jason Sizemore, who is a heck of a nice guy, and this is one cool small press magazine. The design and artwork are superb and the stories are top notch. Magazine publishing has always been sort of a fool's errand, especially niche publications. sclerotic_rings has already pointed out how even the big 4 genre mags are still around because it doesn't cost any more money to distribute them and therefore are not losing money, but not exactly earning any either, and with small press publications, you've really got to do it because you love it, and be a bit of a masochist, and you still may not make ends meet. Jason Sizemore was doing well until his personal finances got behind, but he still paid his artists and writers, something a lot of big name editors forget to do. For all the editors who caper like primadonnas at conventions, for all the magazines that publish stories that look like they were written on a dare or as an afterthought, just because the author's name on the cover will sell an extra couple of issues, Apex and other small press publications are there to show them how it should be done, and I for one hope that Jason gets his rag back into the black.

In other news, things certainly have been interesting around here. Fall has arrived, giving a quickening crispness to the air that I enjoy. Work sucks. The phones have been especially busy, turning every day into Monday. Combine that with the rude and utter morons who also chime in, and it feels like I am babysitting 130,000 idiots who can barely run their own lives. Like the woman who made a bet with her husband that turning her bathroom light on and off used more power than either leaving it on, or turning it off when she wasn't in there, and called me to verify this. I told her she lost the bet. I could go on all day, but just head over to phonecenter for examples of the kind of thing I mean.

On the writing front, things are slowly improving. I have a few smaller-paying genre gigs to do next month, but I will hopefully be getting a lot more copywriting work in the near future. I just finished a sales letter for an online marketer who has put together a team to help other people start their own online businesses. He wants me to do a recorded teleconference for them before I leave on vacation. So hopefully things are looking up for once.
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