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Dragon*Con Whew!

Well, it's over. And I lived to tell the tale.

This year's Dragon*Con was very busy, but fun. And I'm glad it's over. Not as many pictures of costumed weirdness this time around, but that's because I was in panels in the bowels of the Hyatt most of the time. I'll post them on my other blog later.

The Highlights

Being on panels with Joe Crowe of RevolutionSF and meeting and doing panels with Van Plexico. Chiefly the Dead Authors panel, which for 10 o'clock on Saturday night was quite lively and fun, thanks mostly to Joe's antics. Everyone had to talk about the life and work of a dead author, and Joe chose Robert E. Howard, even pretending to be the Conan creator. The lessons learned: that fighting and killing are good, and you should get Howard's work in the hardbacks, because they're hard. And they're back.

The censorship panel for the YA Lit Track with jackzodiac and others. A packed room filled with intelligent, well-educated librarians and teachers.

eugie's reading, which was very good and funny. She also had other authors join her to read afterward, which was a nice touch.

My reading. Even if the only people there were my wife and one nice woman who attends a lot of the readings even if she doesn't know the author, because she often hears some good stuff. She said this was the case with mine. I enjoyed doing this more than I thought I would, and I hope I get the opportunity to do it again.

Meeting most of the people I wanted to meet, and doing a bit of networking: Mur Lafferty, Jason Sizemore of Apex Digest and Jetse deVries of TTA Press, and Bill Fawcett.

Reconnecting with old friends and aquaintances, like the aforementioned Joe Crowe, as well as writer and friend Anya Martin, hazelrah1, and liliaevans. We also talked to Brad Strickland as he was passing by in the hallway Saturday morning. I took his SF writing class while I was at Gainesville College, so it was nice to tell him of my successes, and tell him how much I enjoyed the first book in his YA SF trilogy, Mars Year One.

Buying things: This year I went wild, buying a CD from the Atlanta Radio Theater Company, a calendar, a copy of Interzone and Apex Digest (both buy one, get one free!), a copy of Linda Nagata's novel Memory, and a wonderful piece of artwork by John E. Kaufmann entitled "Saturn's Enceladus".

Things learned for next year: Next time, we gotta stay at one of the hotels. This driving back and forth, forth and back, is for the ever-lovin' birds. Also, no more Trek Trak. I'm done. I liked the show, but I'm out of my depth on panels with the people who produce a fan-based version of the show, and memorize the numbers stenciled on bulkheads. Also, no more Lost in Space vs. Star Trek for the Classic SF panel. I hope.

All, in all, a good con. Things seemed a bit off, probably because a few big things had been moved around among the hotels, but it was good.
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