palmerwriter (palmerwriter) wrote,

Dragon*Con Schedule Revision

Well, it seems I'm also doing a reading on Sunday at noon, so as not to enter the room to the sound of crickets, I'd like to invite everyone who will be at Dragon*Con to head on over to Williams this Sunday at noon for some infotaining pleasure.

I also discovered that I got on my dream panel, Non-Fiction Writing in Today's Market. The only problem: It's scheduled for Monday at 1, and I'll be at work talking to idiots who call in to say, "I didn't know ya'll were open today." Ah well. There's always next year.

But for two days, much fun will be had: seeing old friends, making new ones, seeing weird costumes, picking up a book from horror author Philip Nutman to review for the Halloween edition of his new ezine Up Against the Wall, and generall running around like a jackrabbit on speed. It's going to be a blast.

On Writing

Just got the proposed edits from Yoon Ha Lee for my Charles de Lint interview for the Internet Review of Science Fiction, which will hopefully appear while I'm down at Dragon*Con. My Surreal interview with Philip Nutman should also see print the end of this month, and my three features in the new magaine Blood Blade and Thruster will see the light of day this month as well. Good times.
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