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James Palmer's Journal - Day

Friday, June 8, 2007

10:28PM - Computer Woes, Anthology News, and Sci-Fi Summer

The updates have slowed down due to my desktop exploding, quite literally. It's just the power supply though, and as soon as I have some extra funds I'll be back in action. In the meantime, I went out and bought a nifty Gateway laptop running Windows Vista, which has been interesting to say the least, but I like it so far.

In the charity anthology news, I've gotten most of my promised stories, and my friend celestialstudio is working on the cover art. sclerotic_rings: you'll be pleased to know that the Ernest Hogan story is a doozie to say the least. It's Kilgore Trout on enough illicit pharmaceuticals to scare the crap out of Hunter S. Thompson, and I would become independently wealthy just to go broke publishing Ernest's work in exclusive hardcover editions. This one story alone is well worth the price of admission, in my not-so-humble opinion.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Sci-Fi Summer, then a nice long weekend. I'll be writing up tomorrow's adventures for The Internet Review of Science Fiction, so stay tuned.

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