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James Palmer's Journal - Day

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

10:08AM - And the reviews are in...

Well, my interview with Robert J. Sawyer is finally out in the latest edition of The Internet Review of Science Fiction, and people love it. Here's what a few people, including the man himself, had to say:

I seriously think that's the best Rob interview I've read or listened
to. Well done.

Ryan Oakly.

James, great interview
James Van Pelt

I just read it; you did a great job, James! THANK YOU!
Robert J. Sawyer

All thanks should go to Rob, who provided insightful answers to my questions. It was sincerely the best time I've had at Dragon*Con in a long, long time.

Now, who's next?

Well, tomorrow I'll be Christmas shopping for the better half, and hopefully taking care of a few writing obligations in the afternoon. If the sound coming from here is a bit muffled, that'll be me screaming for help from under thirty reams of 10 pound white bond. Until we meet again, have a safe and merry whatevermas, and an illustrious new year.

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