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James Palmer's Journal - Day

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

9:12AM - The End of Sci Fiction: A Rant

Well, as I'm sure everyone has already heard,
SCI FICTION is shutting down
as of the end of the year. Once again, Bonnie Hammer has wielded her scythe of mediocrity and lopped off the only reason for true fans of SF literature to visit Sci Fi's website, other than to peruse the archives for the already defunct Seeing Ear Theater.

In the end, though, I can't say that this surprises me. In fact, I can't believe this wasn't done sooner, considering the channel's obvious love of killing good programming choices in favor of bad made-for-cable movies and other networks' sloppy seconds. (Between movies about Casper Van Dien chasing giant mummies and the mythical three-headed pooch Cerberus tearing up the landscape, they should rename it the Fantasy Channel; I've seen more science fiction in the infomercials that come on in the wee hours between the last episode of The Twilight Zone and the kickoff of the next day's block of Manimal reruns.) For me, they showed their true colors when they cancelled stuff like Sci Fi Buzz and Farscape so they could replace them with tripe like Crossing Over With John Edward.

So what's a fanboy to do? Well,
we can write Sci Fi and tell them of our disdain, which won't do any good, or we can
pay tribute to Ellen Datlow and the amazing work she displayed for us over the years. Work that shows what heights the science fiction and fantasy genres can reach when they're not constrained by mind-numbing, television-induced stupidity. Who's with me?

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