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James Palmer's Journal - Day

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

9:24AM - Another intermittent update

Well, things around the old turtle ranch have been interesting. I just finished another batch of articles for address Macon, and sent off my first invoice to my first really real copywriting client (where 'real' is defined as "one who pays in something other than contributors copies and Monopoly money"). Also, sclerotic_rings asked me to pen a cover blurb for his set of books Greasing the Pan: The "Best" of Paul T. Riddell and The Savage Pen of Onan: The "Best" of the Hell's Half-Acre Herald, coming this autumn from Prime Books. sclerotic_rings was the first editor to buy my stuff, and I am happy to return the favor any way I can. Go pre-order his books now. And this morning, Strange Horizons reviews editor Niall Harrison just sent along word that my short review of Essential SF: A Concise Guide is now up. You can check it out here.

Well, that's all for now. More news as I have it.

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