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James Palmer's Journal - Day

Monday, July 4, 2005

6:27PM - Happy 4th and Other Ephemera

Happy Independence Day everyone! I hope everyone consumed mass quantities of their favorite processed foods, and didn't lose any digits to fireworks (newly legal here in Georgia). For this time around I have an interesting ditty courtesy of Matthew Cheney over at Strange Horizons on collecting that should be of interest for those of us cursed with the obsessive, packrat gene. Cheney starts out with a discussion of his childhood obsession with Garbage Pail Kids cards (an obsession I too shared), then moves into an intriguing analysis of collecting. Is it a form of immortality? A pop cultural artifact? A consequence of our H. sapiens obsession with ordering, naming and classifying things? I don't know. Cheney doesn't either, but he has some interesting theories.


Still no word on my guest status at Dragon*Con as of yet, and the directorship of the Classic SF programming track has changed hands. The new guy sent an Excel file with his tenative schedule, to see if there is any panel I'd be interested in participating in, but I don't know if there will be anything I know enough about to yammer about it for an hour. Ah well.

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