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James Palmer's Journal - Day

Sunday, June 26, 2005

10:06PM - An Object Lesson

Or is that abject lesson?

Anywho, I was reminded of the old adage you get what you pay for tonight as I checked my email, something I rarely do at all on a Sunday, especially this late in the evening. But I just had to share this little ditty.

This week I posted an ad offering my services as a freelance writer on Freelancewriting.com. What the frell, I thought. It's free, right?

Wrong . . . and wrong.

Tonight I get this email. Please note that the name has not been changed to protect anyone, guilty or innocent.

HI! I viewed your ad on freelancewriting and hope that you can help me out!
I have an English paper that is due this monday. The paper is a
comparative/contrasting analysis on film noir. The requirement is that it
has to be 2,500 words and i need 12 resources. The movies i have to compare
are my choice...the first has to be from 1930-1950 and compared to the same
type of film from 1970-present. (Example- The Maltese Falcon 1941 compared
to LA Confiential 1997) I can send you the assignment description if you
agree to write this. About how much would this cost me and what form of
payment would I use? Please email me asap!! Thank you!


Please note also that the spelling hasn't been changed, i.e. corrected, to protect anyone either.

Oh man, if only this had been earlier in the day, I could have really had some fun with this girl: promising to do the paper for her for an exorbidant fee, finagling a payment from her via Paypal, then sending her some meaningless drivel I plagiarized off of the Internet Movie Database from completely different movies, but being too late even to shine her on, I replied thusly:

Well, Christina, seeing how this is Sunday night at 9:55pm my time, I have to say no go on this one, so I hope you've made other arrangements such as, oh, I don't know . . . DOING YOUR OWN HOMEWORK.

I'm not running a paper mill, but if I were it would be for more than you could possible afford. Good luck on your next assignment, since you've probably failed this one.

Yeah, I could've been much meaner, but like I said, it's late.

Good night, Christina.

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