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James Palmer's Journal - Day

Friday, June 17, 2005

8:57AM - James Gunn Seeks to Revitalize SF

Has anybody seen this one. Apparently someone in the SF field, author and critic James Gunn, has finally admitted that science fiction is on the skids. However, this article is much too brief, and doesn't really give that much info on specific strategies other than having conventions and conferences. While I laud Gunn's goals, I have to wonder at what he has in mind. In recent years, conventions have only been an excuse for video game-addicted kids to dress as anime characters and buy celebrity autographs in the dealers room so they can sell them on Ebay. That, and get drunk. The literary conventions are still there, but they only attract the same fifty-something engineers they always did, while the kids stick with cons that center around crappy television shows.

Again, I applaud what James Gunn is doing, but I'll believe the positive results when I see them.

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