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James Palmer's Journal - Day

Thursday, May 19, 2005

1:17PM - All Star Wars, All the Time

sclerotic_rings likes to tell stories about letting people know he's into paleontology and getting asked the inevitable question "So what did you think of Jurassic Park?" As a science fiction fan, whenever telling laymen what I'm into, the response I always get is "So you're one of those Star Wars guys."

Enter what was waiting on my desk at work when I got there yesterday: Saturday's Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Living section, featuring a story on four Star Wars costuming fanatics. (I found out later that it was left there by a fellow con-attendee who recognized the girl in the midrif stormtrooper armor from last year's Dragon*Con).

While I haven't been even remotely interested in anything related to Star Wars since I was about twelve, I found the article interesting. I recognized the girl and her Darth Vader lookalike hubby from my time wasted on the Internet looking at Dragon*Con pictures as Sith Vixen and Vaderpainter, respectively (you can read the full article on Vaderpainter's site if you're interested). And while the article was clearly written by an outsider looking in (the first sign that a so-called mundane has written an article about fandom is that they always hyphenate "science fiction"), it lacked a lot of the "Look at them, aren't they weird?" touches that passes for most journalistic looks at the genre.

They're still pretty weird, though. Still, it would still be preferable to me than stripping to the waist and parading around a football stadium in ten below weather with my team's colors painted on my fat, hairy chest. Why is nothing wrong with those people?

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