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James Palmer's Journal - Day

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

8:59AM - On the job front

Well, some interesting things have been happening at the ol' day job. My section's VP finally retired, moving my immediate boss into his position, which means his position is now open. Now before you say "Go for it," let me explain something about my company. They only adhere to the equal opportunity laws on a superficial level. They post the position, but they already have in mind the person who will fill said position. So even if you apply for it, they still give it to the person they've hand-picked. In this case, a girl from the marketing department, which means her position will become available. And that's the one I'm making a play for. Still with me?

Anyway, I'm of two minds on this. If I get it, it will mean a normal, 8 to 5, Monday through Friday work week, with every holiday off, no matter how trifling or insignificant, unlike my current shift. It would also mean no longer dealing with idiot customers who call in and address me as Shane or ma'am, who need to pay with a credit card, but don't have it on them, who use their living room as a meat freezer but can't understand why their power bills are so high, etc. etc.

On the other hand, it won't give me much time for writing, especially the freelance commercial kind. So If I get it, fine. If I don't, I'll work even harder on my writing. Sound good to you guys?

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